In the previous article, we discussed the process of creating minimum viable landing pages and how they differ from traditional landing pages because they are created for goods and services that exist only in the entrepreneur’s imagination. Of course, that is not the only difference. Today we’ll talk about other specific problems, ones that everyone interested in creating an effective MVP landing page should be aware of.

The Creation of an Effective MVP Landing Page

We should start by pointing out that simply posting information about the intended product or service on a traditional landing page—as well as implementing conversion analysis tools—does not automatically turn it into a MVP landing page. It should be understood that merely collecting potential customers’ data does not solve the task of acquiring validated learning. To do this, a landing page has to become a tool that ensures the maximum possible feedback from potential customers while simultaneously providing data that is truly useful for testing business hypotheses. In this regard, it is important to understand the following:

The MVP landing page is a process (of creating a set of pages), not a page. The main difference between the MVP landing page and the traditional landing page is that the MVP landing page is created to understand whether a product or which product is needed in the market. To do this, one may need to create a set of pages. Why? Let’s imagine a businessman who decides to sell T-shirts online. Having a limited budget, he does not want to buy all possible styles, colors, and sizes; instead, he concentrates on 20 percent of the best-selling items, which (as is known) will bring 80 percent of the profits. But how can he find out which styles, colors, and sizes are going to be in demand? Getting an answer can require numerous experiments—and MVP landing pages— for each possible type of T-shirt.

A scientific approach to experiments is required. The task of the entrepreneur is to collect objective data, which is impossible without carefully planning experiments. There are many factors that can influence the result of experiments conducted with MVP landing pages. Depending on the product or service, it may be necessary to take into account seasonal demand, holidays, economic cycles, weather, and much more. Even the time of day can be important for getting the right answers to some questions. Because interaction with potential customers is limited to feedback, such as subscribing to mailing lists, to obtain useful data from MVP landing pages, one must first be knowledgeable about statistics because changes during later stages can render previously obtained data useless.

It is necessary to exclude bias when interpreting data. Obviously, entrepreneurs want their business ideas to be confirmed and not rejected. For this reason, people tend to design experiments and interpret their results in a way that confirms their biases. For example, an entrepreneur who created a page to test the demand for his computer maintenance services in New York and who has not received sufficient response from potential customers may decide that the demand exists, but his page is just not good enough to attract New Yorkers. This is a common mistake. Because the search for confirmation does not always allow you to see the truth, you should seek a refutation, not confirmation, which is something that people do not like to do. To correctly interpret the data, we recommended inviting a disinterested person, such as your MVP developer’s representative. For example, all Yarandin, Inc., customers receive free assistance in interpreting their MVP landing page’s data.

The Creation of an Effective MVP Landing Page

The creation of a professional MVP landing page is not a trivial task. The solution lies in the field of business analysis rather than web design and programming. If you are interested in creating this type of MVP, please contact us for a free consultation. With over ten years of experience with developing MVP landing pages, Yarandin, Inc., helps its customers to get the most by consulting on the selection of the optimal type of MVP.

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