PHP is Server Side Scripting Language compatible with all known OSes, like Windows, Linux & Macintosh. Its frameworks are among the highest-ranking frameworks extensively used by programmers in order to resolve issues faster and easier. These resources provide extensible architecture and features to make source code programming easier by applying standard templates and plugins.

For instance: Facebook utilizes PHP for maintaining and creating their internal systems. WordPress uses PHP to power its internals, which in return is powering more than 26% of the web. Currently, PHP powers more than 82% of websites (whose server-side programming languages the Web Technology Surveys site is able to track).


PHP is launched with a solid option to code faster increase efficiency and encourage developers to discover new tools.

What makes PHP frameworks so useful for developers?

#1 A PHP framework makes development faster!
Example: you don't have to write complex queries to retrieve the data from the database - frameworks operate CRUD functionsJ. Martin, "Create, Read, Update& Delete")

#2 Frameworks enable developers to scale systems easily;

#3 The application code is concise and easy to work with, thus code maintenance becomes a joy;

#4 The MVC model ensures rapid development:
Model View Controller (MVC) is an extremely popular architectural pattern commonly used for developing all kinds of user interfaces. This tool divides an app into three parts to separate internal representations of information, the ways it gets presented to user and accepted from him. As a result, MVC pattern enhances efficient code reuse and allows parallel development;

#5 Frameworks are better in securing the web application from common security threats. Database is the crucial factor for each project, the central point, where the entire data of the project is saved, and called when required;


#6 Bundled classes are an another benefit of PHP frameworks. Each of them includes classes and helper functions for common tasks, such as database access, pagination, and form handling. Not to mention smaller things, like truncating text to a specific word/character count;

#7 Robust built-in functions speed up the coding and increase an efficiency dramatically;

+1 All PHP frameworks are freeware perfect tools to simplify coding process with various functions, templates and plugins.

The above benefits are too great to be ignored. Even though raw PHP can be used to create any application, the current development standards require tools and time-management skills to meet the market demand.

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