"Stop ignoring Mistakes that encroach on your Income"

This VideoBrief tells about 3 popular mistakes related to calling users to action. Avoid them to prevent your website ads from failing. 80% of sites have one of this problem and lose their opportunity to sell product on web.

#1 No Button - No Action

"Posts without Proposition earn Nothing for Site"

There is no need to display 10 times proposition on the same screen and frustrate people. However, long pages are becoming the norm and it won't hurt to have one action button at the top, and another - at the bottom. When people reach the end of article, they pause before next action - and it's a perfect time to make an offer or close a deal.

Finish posts with Push to Action Button

#2 Button BEYOND Recognition

"Authenticity of button can blur a purpose"

Visual styling such as color, depth, and contrast is a cue to help people understand the navigation of your interface: where am I, and where can I go. The look of your clickable links and buttons should be clearly distinct and applied consistently across an interface. Thus, don’t overwhelm the design with extra solutions with no reasone if you want people to buy out of your site.

Use 100% Button designs, so everyone can identify it!

#3 Wasted Chance of Subscription

"If anyone contacts you, always propose him MORE"

Thanking people can make your business feel more human as it shows you're appreciative and you care. Thanking can be used as a way to induce further dialogue or action. So naturally, thank you screens are a perfect spot to suggest the next optional action for User.

Offer to SUBSCRIBE or READ MORE instead of empty Thank You note!


Thank you!
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